We live in a disposable world. A world where so much of the goods that we buy are discarded quickly. I decided at one point in my life that I would try and covet well made, well thought out goods that are quality and of a lasting nature. Back when I started riding old British motorcycles, the fact that these bikes were meant to be endlessly rebuilt appealed to me.

If the Hipster movement has brought us anything worth examining, it's the return to quality and craftsmanship in some sectors of the movement. Maybe it isn't about Hipsters at all, but rather a general movement toward value, quality, appeciation and craftsmanship.

In late 2016 during my battle with cancer, I realized that it was time for me to contribute. I was responding to treatment and I needed to grow a business as my cancer shrunk. The cancer disapeared and Fallen Angel Customs appeared.

Fallen Angel Customs was built on the idea that the finer things in life are sometimes had on a motorcycle, on a camping trip, when you are lost and the music that makes your soundtrack to it all. For you it could be a walk on the beach, lost in the city or just a run with your dog.

Fallen Angel Customs are goods made or collected by TC Smith and I that represent these values. I hope you will enjoy our well made collections of goods and that it will put a smile on your face as much as it makes us smile to offer it to you.

Fallen Angel Customs Store


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